If your event requires Advanced First Aid Services, the Canadian Ski Patrol is the direct source to help you meet your needs. If you are an individual who would like to be trained in First Aid, we have a training course for you. Or if you have an event, please call our office at 1-800-380-2777 to see what will suit your needs.
Our Advanced First Aid level Patrollers will attend your event and should anyone require help, we will be there for you.
Often all it takes is a discussion and a donation to our organization.
We are available for almost any event!
The CSP provides Advanced First Aid services all year round at a multitude of Spring, Summer and Fall Events – Ontario wide! We specialize in sporting events like mountain bike races, marathons, speed skating, volleyball tournaments, and adventure race events and we also provide advanced first aid services at music festivals and community events.
Please fill in this form to hire us for your summer events!